5 strategies to close deals in a downturn

Getting deals over the line can be challenging enough, but even more so in a dire economy. Fluctuating markets, shifts in buyer behavior and an increasingly competitive landscape are all impacting sales teams' ability to hit quota as we head towards the end of 2022, with little reprieve in sight. 

While there’s not a lot you can do about economic uncertainty, you can adopt strategies to minimize the uncertainty in your pipeline. On 30 November, Mark Tanner (co-founder and COO of Qwilr), Jonathan Blackburn (VP Global Sales, Qwilr) and Kendra Berner (Senior Strategic Account Executive, Lattice) discussed "Closing deals during a downturn: 5 strategies for success", hosted by RevGenius.

Watch the webinar here, or keep scrolling👇 for 5 strategies and recommendations for success.

Closing sales is tough in a dire economy

The reality is that the sales landscape has shifted and not just due to the economic downturn. Over the past couple of years, virtual sales have overtaken face-to-face sales due to the pandemic and buyers have fully embraced a new way of buying. 75% of business buyers say sales conversations are more asynchronous than they used to be, and buyers now spend just 17% of the entire buying process in direct contact with vendors.

Buyers are more elusive than they used to be and there is far less opportunity to meet and build relationships face-to-face, and often difficult to reach via phone. Older sales methodologies aren’t necessarily going to impress and engage buyers, and when you throw an economic downturn into the mix the task of closing deals becomes even harder. Budgets get cut, projects get reprioritized, and sellers are faced with increasing pressure from sales leaders to meet quota. Sure, there will always be deals that slip regardless of the economy (see this article on ‘Where deals go to die. Understanding the buyer-seller gap’), but with changes in buyer behavior and economic uncertainty, sellers need to adopt a more considered, strategic approach to successfully close deals.

5 strategies to close deals in a downturn

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