Business Development Representative

North America or Sydney, Australia


We're looking for a business development representative based to join our growing global sales team either remotely from North America (working PST hours) or onsite in our Sydney office.

This is a role for someone ambitious who is early in their career.

You will help new Qwilr trial users have an excellent first experience, reaching out to them quickly, and offering friendly and helpful advice and guidance.

It will be your job to help them understand Qwilr, remove any early roadblocks and ultimately help them quickly get real value from our product. Trial users that have the potential to be large Qwilr customers will be shared with the local Account Executives - smaller trial users who would make great Qwilr customers will be yours to close.

Note: This is remote role for folks in North America who can cover mainly PST hours or an onsite role in our Sydney office (with flexible working)

Sound exciting?


What we're looking for

You are naturally curious and have a history of learning new things quickly. At Qwilr, our product is always evolving, as is our market. Things will change - you need to be comfortable adapting to that change.

You are eager to try new things, to learn and to adapt as things change. This role will work on problems that have not yet been solved. To do so will require flexibility, intelligence and the ability to adjust your approach as needed.

You excel at managing yourself like a successful business. You are highly organised, you set and achieve goals with regularity, you create a great customer experience, and you make your teammates better.

You love talking to people - and are excited about Qwilr. We get thousands of inbound leads per month and you'll be telling them about Qwilr every day.

You are interested in sales because you love helping people win. It energises you to work alongside people to improve their business.

Above all, you’re an entrepreneurand are excited by the prospect of building your business and hitting you and your teams goals.

The Real Benefits

While you will of course be paid properly - the real benefits will be working at a fast growing startup as we transition to scale. You will also get the chance to work on a number of projects that could unlock real growth for the company.


Every member of Qwilr is actively encouraged to input and contribute to the direction of the product and the company. We actually have a formal process around The Big Questions at Qwilr called “Group Think”. Ideas can come from any quarter and shape our whole trajectory.

Working With Smart People Who Care About What They Do

We’ve got that list of impressive backgrounds we can reel off (Google, Microsoft, Campaign Monitor, McKinsey, Harvard etc) - but what you really need to know is this: Qwilr is fierce about finding the best people and providing them an environment to flourish. That means we’ve got a team of really smart people, who really care about, and take pride, in what they do.

We Have A High Bar Of Excellence

Our first principle as a company is “Undeniable Bestness”. We believe in winning our race by being the best, not throughs hacks, bandaids and shortcuts. This means we have a high bar of excellence at the company. We go back to the drawing board when things aren't right, because we care deeply about the quality of what we produce.

Our Process - What To Expect.

Tell Us Something About Yourself: Together with your CV, send in a Qwilr Page telling us who you are, & why you think you would be great for the role.

Chat with our Talent & Culture Lead: If your Qwilr Page resonates with us, we'll set up a get-to-know-you chat with Elisa.

Chat (and a demo) with a Founder:If you look like a good fit you'll chat with Mark, the Founder who leads our Sales team. You'll be expected to give a quick demo of how Qwilr works.

Chat with the team:As things progress you’ll chat with one or two of our team. This will be an opportunity for you to get to know us at a human level, and for us to get to know you.

Why Qwilr?

Qwilr makes it easy for people to express themselves using the web.

We have thousands of customers from over 50 countries, we have an excellent product, our team is doubling in size every year (and our revenue is growing even faster), we are backed by some of the best SaaS investors on the planet, and we are growing like crazy.


Think you might be our Business Development Representative?

We're eager to meet you.


To kick off the application process, submit your Qwilr Page at: