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Challenging, but rewarding.

The Hard Things.

(Which Are Also The Best Things)



Qwilr is a large, complex and multi-layered app used by tens of thousands of people conducting many millions dollars worth of business. Because we are still a small team, that means you will work across an incredible breath of areas and topics - and have the chance to explore new areas of interest within the company too.

At Qwilr we’re building something that has no precedent, dealing with tricky technical domains, chasing exponential growth and grappling with scarce resources. This is the genuine startup experience. Sometimes that means making mistakes and that’s OK. In our experience, you'll need humility, independence and a good dose of fortitude. But if you’re the right kind of mind, it’s also the most fun you’ll ever have.

We’re a Startup.

(no, really).

High Bar Of Excellence.

Our first principle as a company is “Undeniable Bestness”. We believe in winning our race by being the best, not throughs hacks, bandaids and shortcuts. This means we have a high bar of excellence at the company. For work, for product and for people. We care about how expressive that function name is, whether we have boiled things down into the crispest abstractions and whether the pieces of a system fit together, as naturally as Lego. We go back to the drawing board when things aren't right, because we care deeply about the quality of what we produce.

There’s an episode of the Simpsons where Homer says: “that’s future me’s problem”. It's funny in the context of the Simpsons, but less funny in the context of a complex and long-lived organisation. Everyone at Qwilr has the difficult task of managing tradeoffs between Current Us and Future Us. Respecting and thinking about this tradeoff is part of Qwilr’s second principle as a company: “Velocity With Valour”. And it’s no easy thing to do. But building this muscle and making it part of our daily conversation is what makes us a formidable team.


The Great Things.



Every member of Qwilr is actively encouraged to input and contribute to the direction of the product and the company. We actually have a formal process around The Big Questions at Qwilr called “Group Think”. Ideas can come from any quarter and shape our whole trajectory.

Qwilr has no requirements about attire or what time you turn up at the office (real or virtual). Our ethos around issues like these can be summarised as: it's all about productivity. What we care about is that you produce quality work, solve problems well and collaborate well. For some people that means working from home a few days a week. For some people that means sleeping late and working in the night. For some people that means going to the gym in the middle of the day. Whatever it is that makes you comfortable, focused and able to produce great work and collaborate well.


(AKA Be Comfortable & Produce Good Work)

Life Compatible.

Happy and healthy people can focus, push themselves when it matters and do great work. Exhausted and stressed people do not do good work. Period. Part of Qwilr’s focus on “Undeniable Bestness” is a focus on encouraging employees to be mentally rested, to take leave and to lead fulfilled lives outside of work. We want the best people and we want to keep them. Part of that means ensuring that life is compatible with Qwilr and ideally, enhance one another.

We’ve got that list of impressive backgrounds we can reel off (Google, Microsoft, Automattic, Campaign Monitor, Invision, Figma, Harvard etc) - but what you really need to know is this: Qwilr is fierce about finding the best people and providing them an environment to flourish. That means we’ve got a team of really smart people, who really care about, and take pride in, what they do.

Smart People Who Care About What They Do.